Perception, a strange yet factual concept. Truth does not necessarily amount to factual content. Again, it’s all about perception. Let’s take serendipity for example. Is certainly is a factual word (the dictionary doesn’t lie), yet some people don’t believe in it. That would then make it untrue, in their minds. If you are a believer of serendipity, your idea of such an occurrence could gravely differ from that of another believer’s. This then brings us back to perception. I’m not one to spoon feed anyone information so use your imagination. Point being, perception is a fact. The truth of any perception is not a fact per se. What it basically boils down to is that the more we contemplate various points of view, be they fact, fiction or even plausible, dwelling too much on such topics can cause madness to ensue. This can then become the most serendipitous revelations of all, hence this writ. Then again, it could have you committed and certified… Again – perception!
P.S. Don’t let the fear of madness stop you from thinking further than what’s presented in books and texts and scribes. I.e. be a little mad!


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