Fear of the Unknown
As the popular as the saying “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself” may be, can we get a little more specific? We always tend to tend to think it’s the fear of enormous feats that it refers to but as humans, we do like to over dramatize don’t we. If in your heart of hearts you think it means go out and take over a multimillion dolllar company, by all means do so, if it’s within your ability AND if that’s your calling. But we all have different dreams and different fears and personally I think it’s unnecessary to do something you’re afraid of, no matter how dangerous it is, just to prove you can. It’s overcoming the fear of something that’s holding you back from experiencing your life in full colour. Whether it’s the fear of picking up a paintbrush and going savage on a canvas without fearing the outcome. It may not be a masterpiece but it sure as hell is going to give you a spring in your step for actually doing it! If you’re usually the most polite and soft spoken person under the sun yet still get treated like you’re a nothing by some pompous bag of inflated ego, speak up for once. Do it load and proud, okay that may get you into a spot of trouble if it’s in a work situation but that’s what the human rights commission is there for and nothing, I mean NOTHING feels as good as standing up for yourself does! I’m going to skip the cliché’s – go sky diving, etc because, well honestly it’s been encouraged as a fear overcoming tool ad nauseum (not that I wouldn’t mind doing it!) Rather back to the very basic and fundemamental obstacle: The fear of change. Yeah, let that sink in for a while…


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