If you’ve woken up from a dream that made absolutely no sense, not even starring anyone you’ve ever seen in person or crazy looking creatures. You’ve probably wondered, “Holy fudge brain, what were you thinking?” And then there are the daily random, seemingly irrelevant thoughts that pop up in our minds, only to discarded because WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT! Perhaps this is because of conventional conditioning, as in stick to the rational; if it makes no sense then it must be non-sense! Bull twang! What if those random pop ups are our creative and intuitive ideas trying to get our attention. We might not know what the message is yet or what to do with them. But if you push them to one side, you’ll never know. All works of art, be it music, writing, hell anything creative, are born out of randomness. So next time a fleeting random thought flashes through your mind, give it a little more attention. You never know where it could take you and if anybody dares to call you batshit crazy for having them, well the jokes on them… can’t imagine a life with no creative thoughts no matter how irrelevant or seemingly insignificant they may be. Embrace the random – if not for the pioneers of the afore mentioned, we would be “admiring” blank pieces of art, bland food an oh so dull and underwhelming books. So go on, dance with the random, there’s much fun to be had…


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