Fearless Positivity
Confused by the title? Let me explain… Although there are countless personality types, being of a positive or negative demeanour is fundamentally the root of each off shoot. A common misconception about positive people is that they are always happy, never get angry and never let anything bring them down. Unless you’re a medicated, happy go lucky I’m on top of the world constantly kind of person, it’s close to impossible and frankly a bit of an annoyance to people who experience a myriad of emotions on a daily basis.
We also get angry, sad, disappointed and dare I say – EXTREMELY frustrated. But, because we’re of a positive demeanour, those 5 minutes of negativity don’t turn a good day bad. We see it for what it is and find a way to turn whatever the negative intrusion is into a positive, productive outcome. So then why the title “Fearless Positivity”? Simply put, you need a bit of guts to get yourself out of a negative space be it physical or mental and that dear folks takes a fair amount of guts! I understand that it must awful to feel negative all the time although I do believe that some folks actually revel in it… The GRINCH anybody? Being negative on the other hand is always expecting the worst. Never finding beauty in anything and just being miserable as a way of life. It takes a lot of energy, tenacity and good old fashioned stubbornness to remain positive (even in our not so positive moods” It takes 23 days to form a habit and if for no other reason that saying “F@ck you life, I’ll show you!” go for it!
So be fearless, find something that makes you smile. Something that gets you excited and if you’re thinking “if that crocodile eats me, how in the name of green grass could this be positive?” Well you probably just fed a starving animal – good deed done!


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