Have a gripe with someone? Grab some ink & a piece of paper, unleash the words of fury. Or even better, DROP A CAPS LOCK on their ass! The magnitude of the media platform today makes it not only possible but probable that at some point, you’ll face some form of written attack. Whether you’ve deserved it or not. I’m not entirely sure of where, nor am I particularly interested in the pedantic of the saying. “The pen is mightier than the sword” is a staple we’re all accustomed to undoubtedly. My question is not so much whether it truly is mightier. The longevity is certainly notable; one does after all heal from a wound… lest it be death. The more thought provoking idea is whether it’s just a case of the pen being more legal than the sword. But as with most “ponderings”, it’s never a clear cut black or white. Remember “The Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie? Well his pen was clearly a very, VERY powerful weapon! So powerful in fact that he had a price on his head. And in all honesty the idea of just bitch slapping that nasty old bitter nurse who drips venom from her bile infested tongue is a whole lot more appealing than giving her a bad review on the hospital’s exit questionnaire. Which brings me back to the conundrum: Is the pen just a bit more legal than the sword?
On a global scale, clearly the physical weapons come up trumps. Nobody ever gave up their country after receiving a scathing letter from another country telling them what a pitiful, uneducated and barren piece of useless land they were (!!!). Can you picture the threatening government all gathered round to see how the letter was received? “Did they read it? What did they say? Are they afraid?” No sir, actually the president of the country thought it was some prank and now the entire government is sitting around having a laugh, before one of them get’s beheaded for allowing such a breach of security. Also they’re offended that you think their country is pitiful!
And that’s how the war continues…


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