STOP SMILING AT ME!!! A command thrown at me on many occasions, certainly not with good intent. So why does a presumably friendly facial expression evoke such a dramatic response? ?Various sites would have me believe that smiling when cornered in a negative space make me (WTF!) passive aggressive. UPPER case is more passive aggressive thank you very much! After some “pondering within” it (no surprises here) would seem that me smiling in the face of adversity is the equivalent of having a resting bitch face. It’s just what I do. And people in so called authority do not appreciate it. What happens when you throw gasoline on a fire or in this case get angrier when your nemesis is smiling? The smile becomes a barely hold-back-able “uhuh”. And then the inevitable laughter – oh the laughter!
Not exactly ideal for situations that require one to be little more professional and crying is simply not an option. I imagine the required response would be to quiver and look pathetically fearful of the wrath that has been unleashed by the tyrant. The inability to be commanded into retreat, be it in an argument on professional or personal terms, seems an impossible feat because in all honesty, it’s pretty much the same as negotiating with terrorists. It’s your own sanity and integrity that are being held hostage. So returning to the question of why some characters are so offended by “that” smile… Well it’s not the quite the expected response. As “normal” humans, people are so conditioned to expect certain responses be it negative or positive that when they don’t get the predicted reaction, they simply don’t know how to handle the situation which then leads to ultimate STOP SMILING AT ME.
And so the dance battle begins again… But with a shake of the head added this time!



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