It’s an expression as old as time itself, albeit in a different commentary. The contemporary “F@ck YOU” was given by Romeo and Juliet’s Tybalt as: “What? You take out your sword then talk about peace? I hate the word peace like I hate hell, all Motagues, and you”. Some call it savage or due to a lack of vocabulary, and then there’s the others who encourage finding peace within oneself. I imagine that this would then lead to less profane remarks such as “may the light be with you”… Um, sure. May the light be so powerfully with you that it sets you on fire! i.e. F@CK YOU!!!
Therapy and even meditation comes in all forms. My saving grace is the afore mentioned FU. I find complete solace therein, even if only mumbled beneath my breathe at times. Not quite a “suitable” response when dealing with overly sensitive, sometimes really old, but altogether ratty people. Also in various countries around the world you can be imprisoned for such a response – true story! I certainly don’t oppose that it can be (note: CAN BE) a negative response, just keep in mind it’s all about perspective. Let me explain: My mind is always busy and not in the sense of over thinking every single mostly non-deserving situation. Silence used to be my response, it beats having to explain myself and still be in the wrong. Whatever wrong that may be. So it became a nice simmering broil, not the good kind, which led to a full on BLOW THE LID OFF retaliation of mixed emotion, still just in my head. The inevitable literal spillage would then of course appear in the form of tears, not to mention the other longer lasting negatives – “Oh you have a cold in summer?”
Saying “F@ck you” not just to people but to situations that really are better off somewhere other than in my personal space is my way of saying “thank you but no thank you”. Just with more meaning. It’s not confrontational, for the most part, and it certainly doesn’t leave much room for misunderstanding. Whether it was heard by its recipient or not, the simple utterance of the “infamous” words leaves it so in my mind; “Right, now the thorn in my foot has f@cked off. I can walk without a limp”! Manners are great they really are and pointing your finger at people? Well that’s just opening another can of worms so until a better form of standing up for myself makes more sense, I will brace the day with my chin up & my (middle) finger even higher up. And of course a big, BIG smile! With respect…


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