“You don’t have to look for the signs, you just have to pay attention to them”, I’m certain somebody said at one point or another. The question is, what are the signs, and what exactly are they trying to communicate. I’m not talking about getting to a new destination on any physical map or looking out for physical symptoms of illness or recovery. Rather, being a committed believer to the law of the Universe, frequency and vibration, it’s more of an intuitive sense of understanding I refer to.
There are so called angel numbers, not being able to a get tune out of your head then turning on the radio only to have that tune playing and many more, I’m sure. It’s not the actual “signs” I’m trying to get to the bottom of but how deep do we really need to dig. Whether it’s to find truth or a better understanding of whatever it is that’s making us chew out the inner walls our mouths, crash into doors, have little geckos land on our hands… So the more intuition is paid attention to, the more in tune we become to frequency, “this is so awesome I’m never going to speak to humans again”, and then BOOM! No more signs. No more understanding. Leaving only a sometimes very lonely and unattainable space that’s been created, with the begging question “what now, huh? WHAT NOW UNIVERSE!!!”.
It matters not, I think, so much about the finding the one ultimate meaning. Let’s face it with more understanding or even just with more answers, more questions are sure to follow. I’m pretty sure that the never ending curiosity is “The Sign”, the sign of being on the right path. As gloomy as this may seem, it’s the ever looming sonofsignses that show up again to remind you, “keep doing what you’re doing”, assuming that it’s what you’re meant to be doing. Even if only to find more questionable answers.. It is after all, a matter of following your instincts and trusting the Universe because if there are no more questions, what would there be to search for…


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