With the everyday sensory overload we get from the media, we’ve become somewhat desensitised to struggles. Be it on a global scale or closer to home, the only struggles that receive our much needed attention are those that affect us directly. And also briefly for the most past. There are struggles that we deal with individually, that inspire us to do more than just posting, rt-ing, etc-ing about. Such as the hot off the press book by Author (and fanbloodytastic artist) Richard “Rex” Strife called Denial (@OfficialRichardStrife).
What about (and this is where you know it’s about to get supremely up in your face sarcastic) the everyday seemingly insignificant struggles? I’ll keep it as brief as possible and to the point:
As a human owned by a cat I can say, without a doubt, the struggle whether to remain seated and become a relic worthy of The Queen of the Damned, is REAL! Kitty’s sleeping happily, 5 hours later; kitty’s still sleeping happily “OMGOOOOD”!
When you’re in the gym, as a QUALIFIED trainer, trying to pass some useful tips to a newbie and a geriatric gym (still heinously overweight despite daily “training” sessions steps into the sacred space and starts spewing out all the useless lingo “when your lateralis medialis humerus femur…”. WTF!!! OH YEAH NOW I SEE WHERE YOU’VE GONE WRONG, you think but may not say. The struggle is REAL!
And a final petty yet darkly comical characteristic, not suited for all folks; Ever tried to suppress a laugh at the most innapropriate moments?  The struggle – OH THE STRUGGGGLE!
The biggest struggle all of us encounter is the struggle to be REAL. I don’t mean real as I perceive or like but real to the core. As much as the struggle not to cry or pout (not provocatively) is to the beauty queen, when her plastered on nails chip or an eyelash is out of place. So is the struggle for me not to viciously remark on where I believe those accessories will find a good home (anyone remember THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS?). Same can be said for someone who is always nice when deep down they’re thinking of 20 thousand ways to crucify you. That struggle is REAL! And let’s face it, some of our “real” intentions could probably have us incarcerated, making it even more of a struggle to be REAL!
So next time you encounter a situation that rings true with “if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck – IT IS A MOTHERFLUFFING DUCK!” , keep it real, just move on, mumble (say it for me.. YFC!), and remember somewhere in the world right now, there are cool cats tripping on acid trying to put IKEA furniture together!


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