So let’s get the scientific biological stuff out of the way, randomly placed… Just the gist so to speak –
Facts from Medical News Today:
1. When activity between the auditory and emotional parts of the brain increases, it may cause a sensation of revulsion or disgust at a sound, as typically occurs to most of us when we hear somebody scrape chalk or their nails on a blackboard.”
2. They believe it processes the data from the auditory nerve in such a way as to provoke a negative reaction.
3. After analyzing all the sounds the participants liked and hated, and placing them in order of unpleasantness, the researchers found that disagreeable sounds tend to be between the frequency range of about 2,000 to 5,000 Hz
4. Study author, Dr Sukhbinder Kumar, said, “it appears there is something very primitive kicking in. It’s a possible distress signal from the amygdala to the auditory cortex.”
I’m sure most of us hate the sound chalk on board. For me personally the sound of a perfectly natural occurrence in my part of the world, the SCREECHING violent attack coming from the beak of a Hadida (Ibis) bird, does cause psychological trauma. As in “I’m going to kill that god forsaken bird!” This stays in tune with the science of auditory frequency tolerance though so it’s not uncommon. How about sounds which insult us personally as individuals? Like the gargling/sucking despicable sound of someone slurping from a cup? Or the laughter that some folk have who have taken the saying “laughing like a hyena” as a personal dare. How about, I SAMUEL L JACKSON DARE YOU to laugh like that again!
More offensive to my eardrums are the ringtones people have on their mobiles, on LOUDEST volume level, when there is no escape from them. Like being in the restroom. You can’t exactly up and leave when you’re there for the purpose the restroom was designed for. But loud, oxygen thieving, attention whore HAS to be in there too! Hospital rooms? You can picture it… Finally sleep creeps in after the pain has subsided when day patient, who’s cell is on top volume, let’s everyone know about the near death escape they’ve just had after a camera said they in fact don’t have an ulcer, it’s just wind. WHATS WRONG GRIM? Pulling pranks and just feeling a little sassy?
And this brings me back, sort of, to one of the scientifically proven facts: “It appears that something very primitive is kicking in”. Or as I’d like to think of it: “fleeing from the fake”. Yes I’m well aware it’s a personal preference but if you’re going to have a ringtone of rocking track, digitally acquired, as your ringtone, I personally request that you get away FAAAAR from me! (loud enough?)


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