Raising your vibrations might seem to some as being a paranormal myth. Don’t fool yourself, if anything, it’s PARAMOUNT to understanding how we interact with other energies, be it nature or human (arguably also part of nature!). I’m no scientist and no brainiac but if there’s one thing I remember from school science, it’s how energy works (Tesla Ball anyone?). Quite simply put, entry point – exit point. So what is the point I’m trying to make exactly? First, become aware of the vibrations around you, then try to feel whether you’re absorbing or emitting your own frequency.
There are countless books and guides to teach tricks to meditation in order to become aware of your own frequency. They are useful, I suppose, however they bore me endlessly. “Occam’s razor”, is how I like to go about things; meaning the simplest solution/answer is usually the way to go. But how to do this? Two words – Goose Bumps. We’ve all had them and its part of the tactile sensory category. Now take that feeling you get and imagine your brain getting goose bumps. Music is the most universally relatable example of shared energy. When a fully charged tune is playing (1000hp by Godsmack being the perfect example), you immediately feel excited. It radiates energy and that energy is contagious so that’s what happens at a concert. Everybody is charged with that energy because it IS CONTAGIOUS!
So step outside, feel the energy around you, raise your vibrations and imprint your energy into the universe instead of just “going with the flow”. It can be a frighteningly alarming experience because if you’ve never consciously done it, you may not understand what what’s happening. I’m no Guru, I’ve just changed my concept of fear to exhilaration. The reason for this specific little ditty tonight? The world is becoming charged again, I can feel it in the air and like I said in the beginning; Entrance point – exit point… This being mine. Seed is planted, happiness!
p.s. don’t get too carried away by trying to jump off the cupboard to see if you can fly!


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