Sarcasm vs. Snarkiness = SNARCASM
That’s the basis for today’s plot. I thought of comparing sarcasm to snarkiness by turning it into some sort of verbal hybrid. Turns out that’s exactly what snarky is according the wiktionary. Sarcasm + nasty = snarky! So, then I don’t really need to explain what this is about do I? Unless of course you’re not familiar with any of the above terms and/or meanings (see what I did there)?
People seem to have a major problem with sarcasm. I on the other hand find its a wonderful way of opening the doors of communication between like minded ironically scornful beings. Kind of like the greeting that fellow Trekkies do, only more verbal. See, to me therein lays the difference between sarcasm and being snarky. Sarcasm is scornful indeed, adding irony to the mix implies a certain amount of intelligence and wit, and good vocabulary. Not that that snarkyness is any less intelligent I think it just comes from a more malicious place than the former scornful approach. In fact, it (snarky) is described as “having a rude critical tone”. So it’s kind of like manslaughter against murder in the first degree murder!
The most annoying thing about making a sarcastic comment and it not getting recognition it deserves, will usually just be met annoyance that you’ve wasted your talent on an idiot. Being snarky on the other hand – well let me give you an example: Snarky person gets called at home, on a landline and answers. The caller asks “Hi, are you home?” Snarky answers “are you really this fucking stupid? How else am I going to answer my phone at home if I’m not at home”, etc ad nauseam.
There are many examples out there, point being – sarcasm is way of life. You either have it or you don’t. Snarkyness, well that’s just plain permanent narrative in the form of PMS!


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