Cry Cry Cry
Why do we cry over  oddities – PMS not counting (Prepare to Meet Satan), and the usual “normal reasons, like sadness or so. As with so many other matters in my life, things are always twisted in ways that most people find really difficult to understand. I cry or at least start to well up with a torrential corneal rainfall when I’m angry. I suppose it’s because it’s better that breaking shit, and getting bleeding knuckles and quite likely arrested! But there are also many other, seemingly inane things that make me cry. Usually it’s something that moves me so deeply, like injustice and general situations in which I’m helpless. Seeing the underdog win, be it fictional or not, makes me bawl like a colicky baby! I mean, even seeing Will Ferrell’s dad in Talladega Nights showing up at his school (with shitty drunk advice), made me shed a few tears!
Extreme excitement and anticipation when trying to explain to someone what I’m all excited about brings about the waterworks. The one thing I don’t remember crying about though is at funerals or over break ups (the end – not the fight). It seems that all emotion evaporates as do the tears.

Then there’s the laughing your ass off kind of laugh – the one that when you start, you can’t stop and then you laugh more because of it, creating a vicious circle which usually ends not just with your eyes leaking but your bladder too!
So in conclusion, I am extremely emotional, not as in cry baby emotional – aggressively passionately emotional about everything that excites me. It’s either that or I’m completely devoid of emotion, no in-between. Balance is after all highly overrated, unless you’re a trapeze artist! KEEP THAT FIRE BURNING!!


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