Music moves us in way that no other medium (for most) could. It says exactly how we feel, with the right beats and melodies and rhythms that are in unison, is pure magic. Growing up, I remember my first favourite song was “Baby makes her Blue jeans talk”; I was 5 years old at the time! I took piano lessons, loved going to music class and always drifted away from a conversation or just plain shushed people when something came on I wanted to listen to.
Apart from the joy and all emotion music evokes, to me, it’s my own personal form of meditation. If I need to get away from everything, clear my head and shut out the world, without going anywhere, I simply put my headphones on, crank it up and disappear. Of course music is also the best motivation for a work out. I mean if you want to hit the shit out of a punching bag just play “Cryin’ like bitch from Godsmack or “Down” by Otep.  Your knuckles might bleed but a good workout is guaranteed! It’s also very tricky having a mind of your own and not being afraid to use it by not listening to music for the masses just because they say you should. I was labelled “evil” and all sorts of profanities in school because of the music I listened to. Nina Hagen was the Devil’s daughter and nobody had even heard of Diamanda Galas and when they did they wished they never had.
A good soundtrack can also make or break a movie – make your own summations; it is after all a personal choice & experience. Personally I think all music is good, even if I don’t like it, mostly because I don’t understand it and it doesn’t move me in any way. Not a day passes though that I don’t have Otep and Godsmack screaming from my car’s sound system. There are just too many words in their music that seem to be taken straight from my mind – only sounding a lot better. The so called “music” I can’t stand or tolerate is that which is mass produced simply for the sake of making money, which by default makes it shit! Let there be ROCK! Now and always!


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