The “abstract” in and of itself is somewhat difficult to explain, which I suppose explains it perfectly. Beauty on the other hand is a bit easier to describe, then again, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. So when it came to writing something entitled “Abstract beauty”, I thought “how the hell am I going to get this message across, sensibly but still somewhat accurately. I took some photos of objects in a way that would be described as being abstract. No they’re no Kandisky or Pollock (having not being painted & all), they did look very abstract though, and frankly I thought they were quite captivating if you’ll excuse the pun!
So instead of mulling about it the whole day, I let the boys in the basement do their thing and voila, synchronicity sets in. A friend mine (Sanet) posted a pic of her on social media and at first sight, I saw it as abstract beauty personified. Being that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (me in this case), how could I not use this for my daily topic. The picture is somewhat abstract, absolutely beautiful and because I know the model personally, it makes it that much more powerful and en point. To the untrained eye, at first glance it may just look like a distorted image. Upon closer inspection one will find that the picture, be it abstract as it may, is intoxicatingly beautiful. Drawing you in like a moth to a flame, wanting to see more, to know more. Feeling more and more with each glance.
When it comes to abstract art, I think the whole idea is to really let your mind overrule what your eyes may (or may not) see. Allowing you to experience a unique visual and any feeling it evokes. Therein lays the beauty of Abstract Beauty!


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