imageimageHow fortunate I was to be invited to spend so some in Canada – middle August 2012 (great weather). I was fortunate enough to go, twice, once in late summer, then the beginning on autumn. The place is beautiful, breathtakingly so. What I remember the most though, was the transit stopovers, connecting the flights (7 – 12 hours folks)!
On the first trip I stopped at Heathrow in London – I couldn’t leave the airport as I didn’t have a transit visa, so Heathrow was my dwelling for about 10 hours (not too much excitement happened then as I was too stoked about getting to Calgary. Boarding Air Canada was quite daunting as I can speak 2 languages fluently and five other, so-so. French is not one of them! Viva la what the fuck did you just say???
2 Days later and looking fresh, (delusion has it’s perks!), I stepped into the airport at Calgary and was completely intoxicated with the beauty, clean air and I suppose it also helped that there weren’t too many humans around!
The day after arriving in Calgary, we left for Banff which is mostly a holiday destination and its beauty reminded me of a town from a fairy tale. Surrounded by the Canadian Rockies’, the most breathtaking lakes and plenty of legend within reach!
The most unusual things I saw and experienced though were the road and trail signs warning that there are bears in the area… “What, like real live bears???” Well the only thing I got to see resembling a bear as a huge black and very passive dog!
Going up by cable car to the top of the Canadian Rockies’ – hot as hell below, get up there and there’s snow on the mountain – I kid you not! You can also see the majestic turquoise rivers from there and it’s absolutely breathtaking.
There really is so much to share about my experience there but like I said what I’ll never forget, are my transit waits, 2 in particular: (I also got pulled out of line at Calgary airport for a search, perhaps my dress was too long and could conceal possible weapons like a missile or something you know!)
Upon returning to South Africa the 1st transit, my 12 hour stop over was at Heathrow. So wearing the same dress as mentioned above (will post pic), I was strolling around the airport. Listening to my music with earphones. After such a looooong wait, the device’s batteries gave in but I kept my earphones in none the less. It was then that I was passed by an employee of the airport looking at my chest & saying “nice tits!” HUH??? Of course he didn’t know that I could hear him and all I could do was giggle because seriously, they (my boobs/cleavage) but bee stings – “Dude you have issues man!”
One stop over as in Frankfurt Germany, they have polizei in the airport – all over – with their German Sheppard police dogs! I’m sure if someone had to tell me in German “I love you – Ich li bedieg” or whatever they say I would think my life is being threatened!
Till the next adventure report…


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