Intro to Marley & Strypes.
“So Strypes, I here you got a new girlfriend hey. Is she hot?”
“Marley my man, she is and I reckon she exercises like a demon!”
“No shit, her mother tuned her ‘ don’t leave home without your “Misfit badge”
“Shweet. She got any hot friends?”
“One bird from Eastern Europe or something”
“A foreigner hey?”
“Full on bruh, she schemes her bud’s the nicest Lesbanian she’s ever met!”
“Nice! So your girl, is she local?”
“Nooit hey, I think she’s from New Zealand”
“Her accent?”
“No, each time we walk past the guys at the pub they say ‘here comes the Mahoerie'”
“Do you at least share the same taste in music?”
“For sure bruh, she loves Queen. She’s always humming ‘I want to break free’ when we’re alone”
“So have you met her whole family?”
“Her dad actually introduced us, we were cell mates”
“You mean like pen pals?”
“I suppose, pen-itentiary pals!”


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