Edit Strypes goes to Art School.

“How was your art class, Strypes?”
“Not bad Marley but I scheme my teacher didn’t like me too much hey”
“Why? Did she fail you?”
“No dude, she musta thought I had no taste ’cause she kept tuning me to put colour on my palate!”
“So what did you paint? Like wildlife & stuff?”
“You mean like a party?”
“No bruh, like zebra”
“See what?”
“See WHAT, bruh?”
“Never mind, how about artists? Learn about anyone famous?”
“This one chap, Van Gogh, cut his ear off because of some chick!”
“He probably also couldn’t hear”
“Michael Angelo painted the entire roof of the sixteenth chapel!”
“Wasn’t that that Da Vinchi oke?”
“No, I think he wrote some book about a code or something”
“Who else bruh?”
“There was this one dude who’s work was so good ’cause it was “so real” you know, Salvadore Dali”
“Nice, family of the Dali lama?”
“No, he might be from Cuba, you know where Cubism comes from!”


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