The Paradox of Charity
Charitable (adj) lenient, kindly
Charity (n) 1. An organisation helping the needy, gift or voluntary work for the needy. 2. Kindness and tolerance in judging others
Right, so now that we’re clear on the Oxford’s definition let’s break it down and rip it apart at the same time! So I’m gonna start from the 2nd point, which in my humble opinion, is the most noble of all. To help others where you can but not in the way that is commonly accepted as “charity”. I used to happily give out spare change to beggars or street urchins until one day, I really didn’t have change with me. The kid then proceeded to give me a smirk and take a whiff from his bag of fucking glue! “That does it” I thought & since then have not given any money just to soothe my black soul.
The part that I I think is more charitable than anything else is doing something for someone that can’t do so for themselves, god, even just a smile is already a gift you’re giving but for the love of fuck, at least do so sincerely. If a beggar asks for help sure – dude/dudette, I’ll get you some bread, milk whatever… Just not money, & I’m sure I need not explain why!
Now when it comes to charitable organisations, well now there’s a whole different can of worms. I’m sure there are plenty out there that appropriate whatever they’ve collected, to whichever organisation they said they were going to. Who’s their watchdog though? It’s a really big ass subject to delve into and I certainly haven’t done enough research, especially since this blogspot is not an investigative journalistic pretentious collection of facts, to say who’s done what or not. I can speak from my own experience and I’ve had the misfortune of accepting a job for miscreants who were supposedly collecting monies for shelters for abused children. What a perfect cover – the shelters couldn’t named, to protect the kids. Perfectly understandable. Their fucking corruption was revealed when I returned to work one morning, after a massively successful fund raising drive, -and they were GONE! I hope they burn in their own sickness, if they haven’t already!
For the last part – there’s the “charity” we receive from acquaintances. Be it friends, family, co-workers, you get the picture… It usually goes a little like this: Sure I’ll do this for you, no no don’t worry about paying me back/giving it back YOU ARE GONNA OWE ME FOR LIFE! Yes you know them, as Godsmack/Sully said “by the way, you think that you’re so fucking kind, you aint!”
So bottom line, be good to others, be good to yourself. There are a lot of bad motherfuckers out there who lie, steal, cheat and swindle you for a quick buck! You don’t owe anyone shit (unless you borrowed from them)! Unfortunately the one’s that are truly in need are suffering because of them.


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